30,000 New Teachers to Join TSC Payroll on January 30th, 2023


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On January 30th, 2023, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will add 30,000 additional teachers to its payroll. At a press conference at Mtihani House when the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results for 2022 were released, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia made this announcement.

According to Macharia, the commission wants the new hires to start working on the same day that Junior Secondary School (JSS) students begin their classes. She stated that the new teachers’ interviews had been finished and that they would be participating in a retraining program to get them ready to teach JSS. In the near future, the TSC will provide guidelines for the management and instruction of JSS schools.

“To make sure they can effectively care for the JSS students, a retooling program will be implemented for all new hires. With regard to the retooling programming, we already have 2,376 master trainers “Macharia remarked.

Additionally, the TSC hopes to prepare at least 90,000 teachers for the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) between January and April 2023. Macharia reassured the populace that the application and hiring process was fair and adhered to the ideals and principles of the Constitution.

The CEO also disclosed that 14,733 teachers have been affected by the commission’s meticulous nationwide teacher transfer procedure. She gave her assurances that the delivery of educational services will not be adversely affected by these changes.

Macharia said, “I want to notify our teachers that we have expanded their benefits under the medical insurance system to make it more appealing.” He urged them to get informed about the modifications so they may fully take advantage of the program with their families.

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