7 university students drowned in Lake Victoria while taking a selfie on a boat.


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In an unfortunate turn of events, three University of Nairobi students perished while attempting to snap a group selfie on a boat ride in Budalang’i, Lake Victoria.

According to Budalang’i police chief Isaiah Mose, who verified the occurrence, the remains of two students were found early on January 1st.

According to Mose, one of the students tried to snap a selfie from the edge of the already-loaded boat, which caused the boat to sink.

The boat overturned on Saturday afternoon, a short distance from the shoreline, according to Mose. Rescue attempts for the victims, however, were fruitless.

4 other students who survived were taken directly to hospitals, while the Kenyan Coast Guard recovered the bodies of the other two.

One more student’s whereabouts are still unknown, but the police chief remarked that there was little likelihood he would be discovered alive.

Mose said that the seven students had just attended a crusade a short distance from the beach while on an evangelical mission in the region and had come to take photos.

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