According to autopsy, Edwin Chiloba was choked with socks in his mouth.


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According to government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, LGBTQ activist Edwin Kiprotich alias Chiloba was strangled to death with socks in his mouth.

On Wednesday, January 11th, Dr. Oduor confirmed to the press that the deceased fashion model had socks shoved in his mouth.

Breathing difficulties ultimately led to his death.

Although he confirmed the corpse had decomposed, he denied that his eyes had been gouged out. Oduor said that they were doing an analysis to determine whether or not the model had been drugged.

On Tuesday, January 10, four people suspected of murdering the fashion model appeared in court. One of the main suspects said in court that he believes his arrest was part of a police cover-up.

He said that he had never met the alleged mastermind of the crime, Jackton Odhiambo, or his two alleged accomplices.

The accused has asked Senior Resident Magistrate Richard Odenyo to move quickly to clear his name.

However, the court denied his plea and let the detectives 21 days to complete their investigation while he was held in detention.

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