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    Ambrose Rachier Reveals Secrets and Procedures of  joining Freemasonry

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    Ambrose Rachier, the head of the Gor Mahia Football Club, revealed the requirements and initiation procedure for entering the country’s covert Freemasonry.

    The first Freemason, according to him, was the Biblical King Solomon, son of David, and some of their core principles were derived from his accomplishments, which included constructing a temple.

    Rachier said that freemasonry, which unites followers of Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, and all other major religions, is not founded on any one faith.

    Rachier refuted claims that Freemasonry is a group of people who worship the devil and engage in human sacrifice in order to amass fortune during an interview with NTV on Sunday, October 2.

    Process of Joining

    A member of the secret club must encourage a person to join, claims the city-based lawyer. It is not a welcoming environment like a church where anybody who professes faith may enter and be accepted right away.

    The descendant of a Freemason would then head to their meetings, which can be in specific halls, in order to propose the name of a new member who wants to be Freemason.

    Similar to the hiring procedure for a job, new candidates must pass many interviews and background checks to be considered.

    The procedure also takes into account other factors, such as family history and personality qualities.

    The Freemasons gather afterwards and determine whether to accept or reject a new member based on their credentials after conducting background checks.

    Process of Initiation After Joining Freemasonry

    Similar to customary rituals like marriages and circumcisions, freemasonry incorporates a variety of initiation rites. Rachier did point out that their initiation rituals are kept secret and are only disclosed to members.

    A Freemasonry hierarchy

    In Kenya, there are three types of freemasonry. There are junior members of the secret organization and apprenticeship members.
    In freemasonry, one first develops into a fair craft person before becoming a master.

    Secrets and Rules

    Only males are permitted to participate in Freemasonry in Kenya. Rachier did point out that some members have begun to consider approaches to allowing women to join the secret group.

    Admission is open to all members of society. Former chief justices, business moguls, and politicians, according to Rachier, are all members of society.

    Any kind of activity, including corruption and brokering, that compromises societal ideals is not permitted for members to engage in.

    Members must be willing to participate in charitable endeavors around the nation.

    In addition to Nairobi, they also have temples in Mombasa, Nakuru, and Nyeri where members attend services at 6 pm on certain occasions while dressed in distinctive clothing.

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