Atwoli disagrees with Raila about Ruto becoming a dictator.


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Francis Atwoli, secretary general of Kenya’s Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU), has disagreed with Raila Odinga, head of the Azimio One Kenya Coalition party, that President William Ruto is becoming a dictator.

Atwoli said on Saturday, November 26 that his nation is not a dictatorship.

Atwoli fiercely disagreed with Raila, saying, “We are not a dictatorial state, we are nowhere close there yet.”

The unionist said it is important for the nation’s democracy for political figures to criticize Ruto.

His opinion was, “Those who claim Ruto is a dictator are leaders in political space, let them speak since it is what they fought for.”
In a surprising change of events, Atwoli, who had been Ruto’s fiercest critic in the months leading up to the election, has come out in his favor.

Atwoli lauded Ruto for protecting free speech, saying, “The president has not castigated anybody for criticizing him.”

He then cautioned government officials from making statements that may cause chaos.

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