Ayub Savula: “Governor Fernandes Barasa is not my Boss.”


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With the incoming Deputy Governor, Ayub Savula, making claims that he is on par with the governor-elect, Fernandes Barasa, dominance struggles are building in Kakamega county.

On Sunday, September 11th, Savula disproved rumors that he was backing Azimio’s nominee, Barasa, and giving up his own quest for governor.

He told them about the arrangement that would have given him control of half of the county government in exchange for dropping his candidacy. The now-vocal ex-MP maintained that he was equally responsible for running the country.

“I am not a deputy governor, I am a co-governor.
Do not let anyone tell you that I settled for deputy, that is a white lie. Barasa and I agreed that we would share the government fifty-fifty, he has takes half, I take half,” he clarified.

When Savula went further into the agreement, he implied that the power-sharing accord would allow him to pick half of the County Executive Committee members. An ex-lawmaker from Lugari urged Barasa to follow in the footsteps of president-elect William Ruto by keeping his word.

These assertions follow on the heels of his confession a few days ago that he was pressured into defecting from the Kenya Kwanza alliance to Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja coalition party. He said he was threatened with corruption charges.

The comments on why he joined Azimio seem to have irritated Raila Odinga’s supporters.

ODM’s Director of Communications Philip Etale fired back against Savula, calling him a “mole” and that he had never backed Raila.

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