Azimio dismisses its strategy team.


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After attorneys for the presidential petition’s flagbearer, Raila Odinga, and ruining mate Martha Karua concluded their arguments before the Supreme Court, rifts within Azimio La Umoja’s camp grew.

As Raila and Karua wait for the decision on Monday, September 5, their allies have demanded the resignation of several high-ranking persons who have been accused of bad election management, which caused Raila and Karua to seek legal recourse in court.

There were also several allegations of theft from the monies intended to pay poll workers.

Junet Mohammed, a member of parliament for the Suna East constituency, Elizabeth Meyo, a financial expert, George Njoroge, an IT specialist, and Saitabao Ole Kanchory, Raila’s chief agent, were all requested to resign in advance of the Supreme Court verdict.

More leaders were named by Raila’s group as those who continued to adopt flawed and fruitless strategies to mislead the people.
They contended that the accused individuals shouldn’t be engaged in planning and supervising the rerun if the SCOK were to rule in their favor and declare the presidential election of August 9 invalid.

The followers of Azimio claimed that the alliance should replace its corrupt leadership with a new campaign secretariat made up of respectable people who wouldn’t take advantage of Odinga’s goodwill.

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