Babu Owino Denounces ODM’s Betrayal


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According to a statement released by Babu Owino, the orange party is disrespectful to its supporters despite their dedication and commitment.

“ODM Party, so many youth and myself sacrificed a lot and used our resources in the party over the years, our pay is betrayal and blackmail. It is fine. Tomorrow is another day,” he stated.

“Many young people, like myself, have given a great deal to the ODM Party and utilized their resources for the party over the years, but all we’ve gotten in return has been treachery and blackmail. You shouldn’t worry about it. In the morning, there will be a new day, ” As he sighed, he expressed his sadness.

Babu led the way for the Azimio flagbearer and attacked the Kenya Kwanza camp with all his might, but he was unable to get a seat in parliament in the end. 

Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina agreed with Babu, expressing frustration that the party’s newcomers were benefiting from the work of the veterans who had previously helped secure the party’s majority in parliament.

“We need to start asking for what is rightfully ours. Having had enough of being kept at arm’s length while others lounge in their cribs and reap the benefits of the party’s lion’s share of positions, Oledama stated.

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