Babu Owino finds it rough in ODM


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Babu, who expressed concern over the selection of Nominated MP John Mbadi as the chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee, encountered fierce opposition from Raila Odinga’s loyalists.

“ODM Party is Baba (Raila). But baba has poor luck. The majority of individuals posing as his commanders surrounding him are simply there to further their own agendas. They are never denied their desires. Baba’s desires go unfulfilled. Even in the present, they have been voted into office through using Baba. Baba did not win the presidency, though. In spite of this, they continue to pressure and coerce Baba with more self-centered positions. With the exception of a handful of legitimate instances, such as that of Senator Olekina (Ledama Olekina), the others should be quiet and allow Baba to rebuild his health.” Oketch stated.

Babu Owino stated that Mbadi was assuming his post as PAC chairman despite having the honor of being nominated as an MP.

Peter Kaluma, MP for Homa Bay Town, told Babu that Raila Odinga has allowed him to serve two terms as member of parliament for Embakasi East just by chanting ‘tialala tibim!’ What else does Baba owe you, young brother?”

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