Betty Kyallo’s New Chapter: From Single Mom to Secret Relationship


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Betty Kyallo, a former TV screen queen and single mother, had always kept her love life private since her split with her former partner, Nick Ndeda. However, in a recent telephone interview with a local radio station, she made a surprise revelation – she was dating again. Despite being coy about the identity of her mystery man, she did let slip that he was someone not easily recognizable to the public.

“This time I’m hiding him like marijuana. It’s 2023. Maybe he’s my bodyguard and you don’t know him,” she said jokingly.

Betty’s announcement came just a few days after rumors of a compromising video of her circulated online. She immediately denied the rumors and made a statement through her management company, confirming that the issue had been reported to the DCI for investigation.

After her breakup with Ndeda, Betty had taken a step back from the dating scene to focus on improving herself and raising her daughter. However, she was now ready to move forward and start a new chapter in her life. She was determined to keep her new relationship out of the public eye and joked that even if people did see them together, they might not recognize her partner.

Despite the recent rumors and her decision to keep her new relationship private, Betty was excited to move on and focus on the future. She was looking forward to working on new projects and continuing to improve herself, while also making time to be a devoted mother to her daughter.

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