Brenda Wairimu finds love after splitting with Juliani


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Juliani’s firstborn kid is the love child of Brenda Wairimu, with whom he was in a romantic relationship. Okay, i’m quite sure some of you don’t remember the relationship by now, maybe because social media wasn’t as popular as it is right now, or, better yet, because nobody cared about celebrity relationships back then (about 2014).

According to legend, Juliani and Brenda Wairimu fell in love, had a child, and then split up, their romance having run its course as soon as the weight of responsibility began to weigh on either of them.

It seems that following the split Brenda fully shut off any further romantic possibilities until very recently, when she posted a sweet snapshot of herself finding solace in the arms of another guy.

It’s not often that women post pictures like these to their social media, so if Brenda Wairimu has been persuaded by him on romantic things after a bad breakup, he’s the fortunate one.

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