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    CBC Reform team plans to introduce new curriculum and uniforms.

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    To provide the Competency-based Curriculum (CBC) enough time to be fully implemented, the Presidential Taskforce Working on Education Reform is proposing a 2-6-2-4-3 intermediate educational system.

    As a result, the government will abandon the 2-6-3-3-3 system that was put in place under previous President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The task committee has proposed a system of education that would have students spend two years in pre-primary school, six in primary school, and two in junior secondary school.

    After that, they would spend four years in secondary school and another three in college.

    Should this plan be put into action, students who complete sixth grade would continue their education in the seventh grade at their individual primary schools.

    The task panel is reportedly also planning to suggest a new uniform for students in grades seven and eight.

    According to Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KEPSHA), wearing different uniforms would help students feel more distinguished from other students since they will be performing at a better level than their peers.

    By the time they reach eighth grade, students will have completed their formal education and will be taking exit exams to determine their placement in high schools.

    This would assist in resolving the problem of where to locate the junior secondary school.

    The proposed system would be a change from the previously suggested 2-6-3-3-3, in which students would spend three years in junior secondary school after finishing the sixth grade.

    The CBC taskforce has been tasked with submitting a preliminary report on the task force’s conclusions to President William Ruto.

    In order to fulfill President Ruto’s promise to assure the efficacy and affordability of the new curriculum, the Raphael Munavu-led department was given the responsibility of soliciting opinions from relevant stakeholders to evaluate the acceptability of CBC.

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