CBC: Ruto Has a Plan to Reform CBC


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President William Ruto has promised parents that he will create a task force to revise the Competence Based Curriculum with public input (CBC)

On the day of his inauguration, September 13th, Ruto spoke about the struggles of parents who are waiting for their children to begin Junior Secondary School (JSS).

“Public participation is critical in this matter. I will establish an education reform task force in the presidency that will be launched in the coming weeks, the task force will be in line with the constitutional demands of public participation,” Ruto stated.

“We are particularly alive to the anxieties of parents on the twin transitions of the last 8-4-4 class and the first CBC class in January next year. I assure you that there will be a solution to the matter before then,” he explained.

Parents had already requested that Ruto evaluate the curriculum’s implementation The cost of the required curriculum was a source of much complaint.

“This CBC is a challenge for real because we are very broke. We can handle it but the Government should make some changes to make it bearable,” one the parents started.

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