Chebukati confronts Cherera


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Wafula Chebukati called out his deputy, Juliana Cherera, in a post-election evaluation meeting in Mombasa on September 15.

Chebukat blamed Cherera and three other opposing commissioners for the arbitrary detention of IEBC employees, demonizing the Commission and claiming falsely that he assigned them small positions during the election period.

He said, commissioners Abdi Guliye and Boya Molu, CEO Marjan Marjan and were subjected to assault assaulted at Bomas.

“The most unfortunate incident was the false accusation by commissioners and fellow staff – under oath – that exposed innocent hardworking staff to arbitrary arrests and abductions, intimidation and harassment by security agencies and political goons, and other forms of obstructing election officials from conducting their duties.

“These shameless attacks amounting to election offences were perpetrated by, among others, persons regarded as national leaders in full view of the whole nation and the world at large,” Chebukati hited out at Cherera at the meeting.

After appointing Juliana Cherera, Irene Masit, Francis Wanderi, and Justus Nyang’aya, the IEBC created committees with each commissioner chairing one.

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