CJ Martha Koome Dispels Hospitalization Rumors


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Chief Justice Martha Koome had just finished a long day of hearings at the Judiciary when she received a phone call from her husband, Koome Kiragu. “Martha, have you seen the news? They’re saying you’re in the hospital,” he said, sounding worried.

Martha was confused. She hadn’t been feeling well recently, but she had not been to the hospital. She quickly checked her phone and saw that an online publication had run a story claiming that she had been rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital for dialysis.

Feeling a mix of frustration and anger, Martha immediately tweeted a statement dismissing the story as false and calling out the publication for spreading fake news. “I am not in the hospital and I am not receiving dialysis,” she wrote. “This kind of misinformation undermines the integrity of the Judiciary and my personal reputation.”

This was not the first time that Martha had been the target of fake news. In September of the previous year, a fake but verified Twitter account with her profile photo had claimed that she had praised the prayers that were held at State House. And just a few weeks ago, another false information went up in a tweet claiming that the Chief Justice and the Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome were relatives.

Martha shook her head as she remembered the incident. It was ridiculous that in this day and age, people would still spread such malicious lies. But she knew that she couldn’t let it get to her. She was determined to continue her work as Chief Justice, fighting to uphold the truth and defend the integrity of the Judiciary.

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