CJ Martha Koome’s Message to Senators


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In her first online meeting with the Senate, Chief Justice Martha Koome pledged solemnly to uphold devolution.

The Chief Justice promised the Senators that the Courts would protect the principle of decentralization by safeguarding the effectiveness of government agencies created under devolved jurisdictions.

Koome continued by saying that the County governments would be paid according to the Supreme Court’s advisory on the perennial inability of the two chambers to agree on the Division of the Revenue Bill.

“The court directed that funds equivalent to 50 per cent of the previous year’s allocation be disbursed to the counties whenever the legislative chambers have not agreed on the division of revenue between the two levels of government despite the commencement of a new financial year,” she Stated.

Her main point was that the National Assembly and the Senate regularly deadlock over the Division of Funds, which causes delays in the transfer of monies to the County governments.

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