Cyrus Kioko Muia, 24, dies in a swimming pool at Park Road.


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At a Nairobi swimming pool, a 24-year-old guy drowned while swimming with his pals.

At the Park Road Primary pool on Monday, December 19, Cyrus Kioko Muia was taking advantage of the afternoon swimming session when all of a sudden he lost consciousness.

Officials said that Muia was a proficient swimmer, but they do not know how or why he drowned.

He was sent to Guru Nanak Hospital for treatment, where staff members pronounced him dead.

Later, the hospital contacted to notify his parents of the occurrence.

Police said that they are looking into the event and prepared to intervene if necessary.

Adamson Bungei, the head of the Nairobi police, said they are interested in learning how the guy passed away.

He stated that as part of their investigation, authorities had spoken to several people who had been around the dead and the pool’s administration.

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