Diana Chepekemoi is being mistreated by a well-known Saudi family.


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After images of Kenyan student Diana Chepekemoi being kept in Saudi Arabia against her will went viral, many Kenyans voiced their dissatisfaction with the authorities.

Family members and advocates for human rights said that Chepkemoi, a university student, seemed malnourished in photos that were widely distributed.

Most people who care about Diana urge the Kenyan government and the Kenyan embassy in Riyadh to intercede and get her out of her employer’s house so she may be returned home.

As the story goes, Chepekemoi got the housekeeping job to help out financially when times were tough for her family. The primary impetus for her efforts was a need to put away money for future schooling, ostensibly at Meru University.

Due to the illness of her mother, Chepkemoi was compelled to look for a service that would help her go to Saudi Arabia and find employment there.

Chepkemoi’s travel to Riyadh was made possible by Makungu, who also acknowledged that Chepkemoi had sought to return home but encountered strong opposition from her employer.

The agent expressed her regret that despite her contacts with the police and the Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh, Chepkemoi was not allowed to leave.

She continued by saying that the university student was ill and hadn’t gotten the right medical care.

“Our team from the other side got in touch with the police who went to the house but they could not even get access to the employer. Even the police in the country are afraid of the family. 

“We are being told that the family is well connected and influential people. When I last spoke to Diana she told me that they were four househelps and this shows that the family is bigger and wealthy and has connections thus complicating this case,” Makungu disclosed. 

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