Did you know you’ll be rewarded for Reporting Graft to EACC !


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The proposed Whistleblower Protection Bill would make it possible to report instances of graft using their toll-free number (1551), with the reward for doing so set at 10% of the assets or money recovered.

The fight against corruption and the subsequent waste of public monies is an effort that requires the participation of all Kenyans.

“We provide anonymity to all whistleblowers, we value their safety. However, there are some cases that require more information but even in these cases we do not disclose the identity,” stated an insider.

A Whistleblower Protection Bill has been introduced in Kenya’s parliament, though it hasn’t been passed yet, it will help encourage more Kenyans to speak up.

“A whistleblower whose disclosure results in the recovery of any amount of money or asset shall be rewarded from the fund-where the money is recovered, with ten percent of the money recovered,” read part of the bill.

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