Doctors to strike over frustration with Ruto’s government.


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As a result of the government’s refusal to implement the Collective Bargaining Agreement  (CBA) for 2017-2021, the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has vowed to go on strike.

Union leaders issued a statement on November 26, 2022, expressing their disappointment with the resolution of key concerns stated at the time of the agreement’s signing.

In addition, it voiced strong opposition to the selection of Susan Nakhumicha as Health Cabinet Secretary (CS), claiming that she lacked the necessary medical training for the position.

Bhimji stated that the union had requested that five medical professionals be appointed to the roles of Principal Secretaries, but President William Ruto, who has only been in office for 74 days, did not comply.

In order to negotiate a new CBA for the period 2021–2025, the healthcare professionals said they would engage all relevant government players for a month.

The union pushed for a larger health budget from the national govt, suggesting that doing so would help resolve the fundamental problems that have been causing tension between local governments and medical personnel.

The failure to replace doctors and nurses who leave their positions has also been identified as a major contributor to the healthcare system’s decline.

Despite an expansion in medical training facilities, the union was perplexed by the low numbers of newly graduated physicians being hired by the government.

The union continued to criticize the administration structure of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), arguing that it must be altered if the fund is to attain the stability necessary to provide Kenyans with effective services.

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