DP Gachagua finally accepts the nickname “Riggy G.”


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Kisumu citizens were overjoyed when DP Rigathi Gachagua adopted the nickname “Riggy G” that has been circulating online since his appointment.

The DP acknowledged that some inventive Kenyans had derived the nickname from his name, Rigathi Gachagua, when addressing at the Music Festival finale on Friday, September 23 in Kisumu.

Noting the name’s rising popularity, he also expressed gratitude for the support he’d gotten.

Even the fact that the imaginative youth of our country have come up with a nickname for me is beyond my comprehension. The DP stated, “they have looked at my name Rigathi Gachagua and sought for something more melodic and dubbed me Riggy G.”

I don’t think it’s a terrible name at all. This is why we advocate for nurturing native talents, he said.

Months before it became viral on the internet, lifestyle content creator Ivy Chelimo came up with the now ubiquitous nickname.

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