Duale has urged the removal of four “rebel” IEBC commissioners.


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Aden Duale, who was elected MP for Garissa Township, is now calling for the removal of four dissident IEBC commissioners, led by vice chairwoman Juliana Cherera.

After four people were accused of bad behavior and breaking the constitution, the lawmaker said in a statement on Tuesday night that things would not go on as usual.

“No it cannot be business as usual! The actions in what appeared like cinema featuring Cherera as the lead actor and voice actress is a pure blatant gross violation of the Constitution and the law for attempting to subvert the will of People through fabrications,” A statement made by Duale.

“Their actions were also nothing short of gross misconduct as they worked in cohort with their wicked masters to negate a free and fair election.”

Cherera stated, “But some things need to be put out there. As you can see, the four of us are here and not at Bomas where the results are going to be announced because of the opaque nature of how this phase has been handled.” “We therefore cannot take ownership of this result that is going to be announced,” she added.

The four “rebel” commissioners said that Wafula Chebukati, the head of the IEBC, made up the results of the presidential election.

The four said they had no control over the outcomes due to the opaque nature of the processing.

In response, Chebukati said that they wanted him to change the outcome of the presidential election that took place on August 9.

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