Duale: Uhuru Conned Raila


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Adan Duale, who used to be the leader of the majority in the National Assembly, says that President Uhuru Kenyatta tricked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. 

On September 7, Duale said that the outgoing president had told the leader of the ODM party that he would use state resources to get votes in the Mt. Kenya region. 

“It is baffling that Uhuru conned Raila that he will deliver Mt. Kenya votes and would deploy the deep state to overturn the will of the people,” he stated.

His statement came after President Uhuru led a meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the Azimio La Umoja in Maasai Lodge.

Uhuru told the meeting that he would give up power with a smile but that Odinga would remain his leader.

However, he said, the president was only soothing his ego to perpetuate hopeless optimism by referring to Raila as his preferred leader.

“It’s perplexing that he now refers to the 5th time loser as his leader to soothe his ego and perpetuate hopeless optimism,”

In a subtle dig at the outgoing president, Duale said that Uhuru still doesn’t believe he lost and acts like Odinga is his leader. 

“Evidently, the outgoing President is reeling from devastating defeat and living in denial. By asserting that Tinga is his leader, he clearly has refused to move on and is looking at the future with a rearview mirror,”

The lawmaker said that Uhuru paid Raila in 2018 after he held a fake swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru Park and then skipped the re-elections.

He said that Odinga had done something treasonous and that there was no reason for him to join the government.

“In 2018, he paid Tinga who committed treasonous act of swearing himself in to joining his government and elbowed out a constitutionally elected Deputy President. In 2022 , he consorted and went to bed with the opposition leader and was resoundingly rejected by Kenyans into opposition,” he stated.

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