Francis Atwoli: Ruto is the father of the nation.


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Francis Atwoli, secretary general of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU), has said that President-elect William Ruto outsmarted them.

Speaking at an event in Western Kenya on Friday, September 9, Atwoli admitted that Ruto had a better strategy than Azimio la Umoja while he was in office. 

He said that the incoming president, William Ruto, had a better and new strategy than Raila Odinga.

“I had told Kenyans to get used to the voice of Raila as their president but I never knew that I would come back and tell people to get used to the voice of Ruto. Can’t you see that is the work of God?

We went to sleep thinking that we had won. We were politicking in the old way and people would shout at us and we thought that they were with us. On the other hand, Ruto had the political skills and he outsmarted us,” Atwoli stated.

The Kenya Kwanza squad had earlier criticized his statements, claiming that he was losing influence as COTU’s leader.

“COTU will not be a clownish cowboy club that labours for a few individuals. Under my watch, the labour movement is going to regain its sense of purpose and respectability as the middle house between employers and their employees” Mudavadi said.

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