Gachagua: I wont engage in any business with the government.


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Gachagua, in an interview with KTN News, advised his fellow public workers to follow his example and devote themselves fully to serving Kenyans or find another line of work.

Wanuna requested confirmation from the DP regarding the efficiency with which the Kenya Kwanza government will implement the wealth declaration program.

“I think wealth declaration is a good policy. I want to tell Kenyans that I will not do business with the government. I have handed over two companies to my son to continue the family business.”
“I want to continue serving Kenyans and the salary that I will get is enough, there is no need to make more money outside of that. I have no intentions at all to do any business with the government.”

“If my sons want to do business, I’ve told them to conduct with the private sector, because of conflict of interest. I would like to ask all public servants not to do business with the government,” Gachagua stated.

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