Gachagua: NYS to take over from police in securing government facilities.


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According to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, the government is thinking of using National Youth Service Personnel in place of National Police Service officers to secure critical areas.

Gachagua said that NYS would get paid for their efforts at the formal start of this year’s Nation-Huawei Job Fair on Thursday at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi.

Gachagua has said that police personnel should be spread out around the nation to combat banditry and criminality.

Eventually, he continued, “we want to have a dialogue with government ministries, parastatals, and other organizations to have a specific strategy on how to detach our officers from the security forces to go and deal with crime, so we can have NYS workers run those offices for a fee.”

Gachagua said that the NYS personnel are well-disciplined enough to take over security duties at different facilities that have previously been monitored by the Kenya Police.

We need to charge for it so that we can keep the money coming in and use it to educate additional people. We’d want to have that talk,” he added.

To quote, “we want our officers from the NPS to go and combat bandits and criminals, and the NYS personnel, since they are disciplined, can handle the majority of the job in terms of regulating people going in and out of facilities.”

He said that the proposal has been around for some time, but that no one had taken the necessary steps to turn it into law.

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