Gichugu Returning Officer’s Autopsy Reveals Death


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After an autopsy was performed on the corpse of Geoffrey Gitobu, the returning officer for the Gichugu Constituency, it was determined that his death was not suspicious.

This person died of a blood clot in an artery, according to the autopsy findings that were made public on August 24.

Speculation persists that Gitobu’s killing on August 22 outside the IEBC headquarters in Nanyuki, Laikipia County, was premeditated and arranged by an unknown party or parties.

While driving across town with his brother, the 57-year-old complained of feeling dizzy, so his brother hurried him to the closest hospital.

His health had deteriorated, so the responding medical staff summoned an ambulance immediately.
Despite emergency medical services, Gitobu was confirmed dead upon arriving at a private hospital in the area.

The head of the police force in the Laikipia East sub-county, John Tarus, has denied rumors circulating online that his death was related to the just finished 2022 General Election.

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