How Covid billions stolen from US was spent in Kenya


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Several Kenyans have been named as culprits in a conspiracy of defrauding the United States government of Sh30 billion between mid-2020 and February of this year by circumventing Covid-19 mitigation procedures.

According to the reports, two donors (Sponsor A and Feed Our Future) pocketed tens of millions of dollars by skimming off portions of the money transferred by the federal government.

A portion of the Sh30 billion, which the current US probe has traced to money laundering, illegal business practices, and bribes, was used to buy luxury real estate in Nairobi’s South C and South B estates, as well as a beachside vacation property in Diani, Kwale County.

Key suspects in the multibillion-shilling fraud include Abdiaziz Shafii Farah, Mohamed Jama Ismail, Mohamed Ibrahim, Abdimajid Mohamed Nur, Said Shaffi Farah, Abdiwahab Maalim Aftin, Mukhtar Mohammed Shariff, Hayat Mohamed Nur, Liban Yasin Alishire, Ahmed Yasi and Khadar Jigre Adan, who were based in Minnesota.

The suspects are believed to have opened at least 30 FCNP sites using shell companies.

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