How the senior CS, PS, and Raila aide messed up Azimio’s election strategy


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An Azimio agent claims the agents had been recruited, paid in full, and prepared for deployment when a coalition official revealed a new list of agents the day before the election.

One of the agents lamented that despite having made some solid preparations, numerous unanticipated events had to be dealt with because this was a scenario in which our candidate worked with the President. A total of twenty-six parties were hosted by Azimio.

Our first office was in Lavington, and then three days before the election, one of the President’s close associates offered us the entire third floor of an office building in Westlands. This was the most desirable workplace, featuring state-of-the-art amenities.

“We had a good programme before it backfired. We trained the agents and prepared them on how to handle the elections. We even made the down payment of Sh1,500, and we were to pay them Sh5,000 each.

But on the eve of the elections, one of the top officials, a close ally of Mr Odinga, messed up the agents’ plan. It was a scenario where you have trained people, let’s say 1,500 in a constituency, then he comes and asks “how did you find these people?”

Then, hours before the election, he hands you a new list and says, “Work with these individuals.” You have no idea who they are or where they came from, and you’re being told to mail the letters to people who haven’t had any training.

It was our fault that things went wrong with the brokers. The Odinga supporter in question did not steal the funds because he was not one of the agents in charge of disbursing them, but, he did arrive with a new voter registration list and insist that we use it, despite the fact that only four hours remained until polls opened.

We collaborated with a Cabinet official. Our office in Lavington served as the command center during the State Department’s visit. Two days before the election, the CS and a PS would remain up until 3 in the morning.

And they claimed we had a parallel tallying system without ever demonstrating it.

To win the election was the only thing they guaranteed us.

When it comes down to it, I think these folks lied to and misled Raila. Whenever I would ask him, “Mzee, is everything okay?” he would always respond with “everything is in control.” Mzee was given false optimism by the PS and CS. Since we failed to prepare, we had to accept defeat.

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