Important Bills Ruto Wants Kenya Kwanza to Pass in parliament


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At the Naivasha Parliamentary Group meeting, the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, led by President William Ruto, outlined a comprehensive legislative agenda designed to assist the government in implementing its manifesto.

The two-day retreat culminated with a speech from President Ruto, who expressed his optimism that his partners were prepared for the work ahead of them in parliament.

When both chambers resumed their sessions, Ruto encouraged the Kenya Kwanza majority to commit to enacting the agenda.

Health Care at a Low Cost

The president emphasized the need of taking steps to guarantee the speedy implementation of the Universal Health Care plan. In order to bring more Kenyans under health coverage, Ruto claims his administration would try to overhaul the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).
According to His Excellency, each year more than a million Kenyans face utter poverty as a result of medical bills.

The Availability of Low-Cost Housing

The President is quite passionate about his affordable housing initiative, which is why it stands out among the other mentioned agendas.

He promised that the Kenya Kwanza administration will endeavor to improve the standard of life in Kenya. Ruto said that the strategy would also aid in the development of new employment prospects for young people.

Securing the Country’s Future

The Kenya Kwanza government will also work to instill a saving culture across the nation. Ruto claims that by doing this, the nation’s future would be secured, and the necessary funds will be made available to invest in and develop the nation.

Ruto gave the MPs the task of changing the existing rules and legislation governing public employees’ savings.

In regards to agriculture, the Ruto-led government has pledged to implement measures to increase crop yields.

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