In Nyahururu, DCI officers uncover fake KRA stamps on illicit alcohol.


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Directorate of Criminal Investigations agents busted a distillery in Nyahururu town and found counterfeit Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stamps.

It has been discovered that a distillery was being used to produce and distribute fake alcoholic beverages.

In a statement released on Thursday, the DCI said that the youths were in possession of the counterfeit alcohol brands that they had confiscated.

Nakuru-based KRA investigators and authorities carried out the operation.

Fake KRA stamps for the very potent alcoholic beverages were also found in the operation.

A notice of impending seizure and a police summons has been served on the alleged facility’s owner.

Officers from KRA have barricaded the area and taken whatever things they were able to retrieve into safekeeping awaiting further investigation and audit.

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