It’s Official: WhatsApp Has a Brand New Desktop Layout


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Is WhatsApp enjoyable on your desktop or laptop computer? It’s possible that you’d be pleased to hear some positive updates on the desktop application.

Recently, Meta has created a new Windows native desktop application that is both stylish and functional. The software giant has also said that it is working on a macOS version of the same application.

Fans of the Whatsapp messaging service will like the new update since it provides them with a new app that better meets their demands. To improve upon its predecessor, which was sluggish to begin with and required a lengthy period of time to sync with the host device, users can anticipate a far quicker and more dependable program.

One further enhancement is the ability to get alerts and messages even if your host device or smartphone is not connected to the internet.

The Mac User Community

If you use macOS, you may sign up for the beta program here.

Whatsapp Web should better meet the demands of Mac users. If this doesn’t work for you, try using the Whatsapp Desktop App for the web instead.

People Who Use Windows

If you’re using Windows, you can get the Whatsapp Desktop App by visiting the Microsoft Store or clicking here.

After installing the program:

The Whatsapp app has to be launched.
Select “Settings” on an iPhone, or “More” on an Android device.
Make a choice in favor of connected gadgets.
When the Whatsapp Desktop App displays a QR code, you’ll need to hold your phone over the computer and aim its camera at it to scan it and join the conversation.

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