Justina Wamae to Wajackoyah “You Are Petty”


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Justina Wamae, the deputy presidential candidate for the Roots Party, has accused George Luchiri Wajackoyah of being petty when he called her in for a disciplinary hearing.

Defending herself from any misconduct in sharing her ideas, Wamae poked holes in the summonses’ claims that she was speaking on behalf of the party in a statement dated August 22.

The two engaged in an unrestrained verbal altercation publicly. Wamae charged her boss with spreading untruths to the public about the benefits she received in exchange for serving as his running mate.

She concluded by stating that she would not be loyal to any political party and was prepared to change her mind if necessary. Wajackoyah was invited to do anything he liked by Wamae.

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