KANU Expels Secretary-General, Nick Salat


Party takes measures to restructure and revitalize

Mombasa, Kenya- The Kenya African National Union (KANU) party, one of the oldest political parties in the country, has ratified the immediate expulsion of Nick Salat as the Secretary-General. In a meeting chaired by party leader Gideon Moi, the National Executive Council (NEC) met to deliberate on Salat’s fate.

“Gross Misconduct” Leads to Expulsion

The NEC adopted the report of the National Disciplinary Committee which recommended Salat’s expulsion on account of “gross misconduct and violation of the party constitution.” KANU emphasized the need to appreciate the current political situation and recognize the party’s central role in the current dispensation.

Reforms in the Works

As part of its efforts to rejuvenate the party, KANU approved the formation of various technical committees to institutionalize critical aspects of the party’s operations. The NEC also mandated the national chairman Gideon Moi to propose suitable individuals to fill the vacant national positions, including that of the Secretary-General, on an interim basis.

In addition, the NEC mandated the National Elections Board to develop a mechanism for conducting nationwide grassroots elections before the end of the year. The aim of the elections is to revamp the party’s grassroots structures and enhance national support.

Suspension Leads to Expulsion

Salat was suspended by KANU in December 2022 over an alleged violation of the party’s constitution. The party will now commence replacing Salat through what it has described as a transparent process. Salat had worked with KANU for over two decades in various capacities, including as the Secretary-General.

In conclusion, KANU is taking measures to restructure and revitalize its operations as it seeks to reclaim its central role in the country’s political landscape. The expulsion of Nick Salat and the reforms underway signal the party’s commitment to restoring its relevance and credibility in the eyes of the Kenyan electorate.

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