Karua hints at opposing CJ Koome’s judgment at the East African Court


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The running mate of former prime minister Raila Odinga, Martha Karua, is contemplating appealing the Supreme Court decision upholding William Ruto’s win to the East African Court of Justice.

On Saturday the 10th of September, she stressed once again that it was her own perspective, not Azimio La Umoja’s, that prompted the appeal.

Karua said she will check with the Arusha, Tanzania court to see whether the verdict was fair.

“While they have the governor of Nairobi, we have the vast majority of MCAs. In Nairobi, Azimio received more votes for president. I’m shocked that we fell short. It is not logical. But the court said that we must go forward and do so in accordance with democracy and the rule of law. The East African Court, where I most recently appealed, is the only place to go.” Martha Karua stated.

She also reaffirmed that the Supreme Court will issue its entire verdict in 21 days, at which point she would eagerly examine it.

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