KCSE supervisor discovered dead in his Nyeri house.


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On Thursday, January 12, three weeks after he went missing, the corpse of a man who was in charge of supervising the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams was found nailed inside a homemade coffin.

The body of a 45-year-old Computer Studies teacher from a Nyeri school was discovered inside a concrete-and-cardboard coffin.

There were flowers, a black flag, some foreign-language scrolls, and a cow horn beside the boat-shaped casket.

The missing person complaint was made on December 22, 2022, after his sisters expressed worry, according to locals.

The cops were called to his rented house when a neighbor noticed a foul odor coming from there. When police forced entry, they found the dead educator inside.

His best friends said he was a quiet guy who was protective of his personal space. After work, he only had a few locals engage him in political conversation.

Police in the region began collecting evidence after his corpse was found in order to determine how the instructor vanished and determine the cause of his death.

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