KDF has sent a third group of soldiers to the DRC Congo.


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The Embakasi Garrison in Nairobi has sent a third group of Kenyan soldiers to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Two weeks ago, other members of the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) departed the nation to join the war against the M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Prior to their departure, Kenya Army Major General Peter Muteti was appointed as the KDF’s Deputy Commander.

In a statement, Muteti praised the first cohort’s progress toward establishing peace in the Eastern part of the DRC and urged them to uphold the tradition of being excellent representatives of the KDF on all future missions.

About 903 members of the team will be sent to the area to try to put a stop to the violence that has forced so many people to flee their homes.

Kenyan soldiers will be joining counterparts from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania in Eastern DRC.

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