KECOBO advises the public to acquire music authorization before playing commercially.


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Companies and individuals in Kenya have been ordered by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) to contact the rights holders of any songs they plan to use for profit.

The government agency issued a statement on Thursday, August 25 explaining that copyright infringement occurs when songs or other sound recordings are used without permission.

KECOBO explained how companies have been utilizing creatives’ material without permission to sell and market their goods.

Artists may file lawsuits and demand payment for synchronization regardless of how long their work was utilized in commercials.

According to copyright regulations, synchronization is the technique of fusing music with moving pictures, particularly in movies, TV shows, commercials, video games, and even trailers.

According to rules set out by the government, obtaining a synchronization licence gives one permission to utilize a local music in a moving film.

KECOBO stated that by requesting authorization, the owner is able to make a profit and receive a return on their investment.

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