Kenya Power could be fined for power outages.


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As the regulator moves forward with guidelines on consumer compensation and penalties for poor services, Kenya Power and other licensed power companies are on the edge of their seats.

The body that oversees the energy industry is making progress on the formulation of new laws that could require Kenya Power to compensate its consumers for poor electricity delivery.

Power companies are required to reimburse customers for unscheduled power outages that result in property damage, business loss, or death, by the Draft Electricity (Reliability and Quality of Supply and Quality of Service), 2022.

“A licensee shall be liable to pay appropriate compensation to a person if due to failure, poor quality or irregularity of electricity supply, the person incurs damage to his or her property, financial loss, loss of life due to negligence or avoidable default by the Licensee, provided that the breach is reported in writing within thirty (30) days of the breach,” says the draft for regularities.

The authority in charge of regulating the power industry is in the process of looking for a consultant to do an analysis of the economic repercussions this would have not just on power companies but also on other businesses in the supply chain.

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