Kenyans traveling to China now have fewer travel restrictions.


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On December 29, the People’s Republic of China’s embassy in Kenya updated the criteria for Kenyans traveling to the Asian nation.

The letter states that China has loosened some of the limitations placed on Kenyan travelers, particularly during the pandemic in 2020.

Kenyan travelers will need to do nucleic acid tests starting on January 8, 2023, and no later than 48 hours before their flights. 

No Kenyan will be permitted to board a flight to China without a clearance certificate.

Kenyans traveling to China will be required to fill out a customs form with their test results.

Kenyans who provide positive test results or exhibit any fever symptoms will be compelled to self-quarantine at the entrance point.

Kenyans traveling to China had to pass three tests before they were permitted to leave, according to newly announced travel regulations.

Before China loosened some of the limitations, Kenyans were required to have a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), nucleic acid, and antigen test 48 hours before flying, according to a notification published in April 2022.

Additionally, travelers had to get a health code from the Nairobi embassy.

Since President William Ruto’s accession to office, diplomatic ties between Kenya and China have improved, as seen by the relaxation of the travel restrictions.

Other nations, including China, have also loosened the travel restrictions put in place for Kenyans during the pandemic.

The US was the first nation to loosen certain stringent travel regulations, easing the ban on travelers from Kenya in particular.

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