KFCB CEO bans all LGBTQ+ content.


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The acting chief executive officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Christopher Wambua, has declared that any and all films that have LGBTQ+ material are banned in Kenya.

Wambua said on Friday that homosexuality and other forms of LGBTQ+ expression are illegal in Kenya.

Wambua continued by saying that the information could not be seen in Kenya due to international agreements that had been reached.

The official said that many Kenyan films with LGBTQ+ themes have been prohibited in recent years.

I am Samuel, a 52-minute film with a gay theme, was prohibited by KFCB a year ago for the same reason.

“When determining ratings and classifications, we take into account all relevant legislation. Our policy in Kenya has always been to limit the availability of, and to not allow the broadcast, exhibition, or distribution of, any material that promotes or praises same-sex relationships “in an interview with Spice FM, he added.

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