Kimilili MP-elect Didmus Barasa is expected to appeal in a murder case.


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Didmus Barasa, the newly elected Member of Parliament for Kimilili, is expected to enter a plea in a murder case.

Barasa, who has been detained by the police for the last two weeks, is suspected of being the person who on August 9 killed Brian Olunga, an assistant to the politician Brian Khaemba of Kimilili.

He was held in custody in the Kisumu cells, where he made a virtual court appearance, and the judge ruled that the police might hold him for a further two weeks until his plea hearing on August 24.

This was done so that the police could do an autopsy on the deceased and gather any other evidence that was required for the investigation. In addition to that, he was examined by a doctor.

According to the officials, he will submit his plea in a court in Kakamega.

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