Kisumu MCAs’ swearing-in prompted tight security.


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Stricter measures were taken to ensure the safety of the Kisumu county assembly at the swearing-in of the newly elected MCAs.

Several access points have been closed up, and security personnel are conducting exhaustive searches at every turn.

Owen Ojuok, the assembly clerk, is presiding over the swearing-in of the 47 new MCAs (12 of whom were nominated).

The Speaker of the House will be elected at a later time at a closed session.

There are only four individuals who meet the requirements to compete for the speaker’s role.

Among them are the currently serving member Elisha Oraro, the aforementioned former Majority Leader Samuel Ongou, James Kounah, and Kenneth Amondi, a lawyer.

Also in the running for the job of deputy speaker are Central Nyakach MCA Vincent Obuya and Manyatta B ward legislator Nereah Okombo. Both of these individuals have met the qualification requirements.

Raila Odinga, the leader of the ODM, was in Kisumu on Monday night, meeting with members of the MCA.

However, attendance at the meeting was only made up of half of the MCAs.

The reasons why 23 MCAs skipped the party leader meeting have not been determined as of yet.

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