KNUT on Teachers Eating CBC Chicken


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Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Collins Oyuu retaliated, lamenting that Member of Parliament for Kimilili Didmus Barasa’s comments, in which he accused teachers of using the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) to eradicate chickens from homes, degraded teachers and impeded productive engagement with communities.

“Our focus is on utterances made by one Didmus Barasa, MP for Kimilili. We feel aggrieved by his words which are disrespectful, demeaning and cast aspersions on teachers,” Oyuu said.

The Secretary-General requested an apology from the mp since his remarks were derogatory toward educators.

“Alluding that due to CBC, teachers have consumed all the chickens from the homes and saying that in the Western region, where chickens are regarded highly is regrettable,” Oyuu added.

“The public must be reminded that KNUT dissented to the roll-out of the said curriculum without the participation of stakeholders. We all know what happened afterward. This is the ultimate price we paid for CBC, ” he stated.

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