Lonyangapuo urges opposition to accept defeat and move on


In a surprising turn of events, the Kenya Union Party (KUP) has announced its decision to part ways with the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance.

The party’s leader, John Lonyangapuo, cited concerns over the opposition coalition’s direction as the reason for their departure.

During a meeting held on Thursday, Lonyangapuo expressed worries over the opposition’s anti-government rallies, saying that they could lead to chaos in the country.

He urged opposition leader Raila Odinga to halt the street demonstrations, stating that Kenyans were already dealing with enough issues, and protests were not the solution.

Lonyangapuo further noted that it was time for the opposition to accept their election defeat and move on, emphasizing that there was no need for the enmity between Raila and President William Ruto to spill over to others.

He added that the Azimio outfit should leave Ruto alone so that he can deliver to Kenyans.

As per the coalition agreement, a member party must provide a 90-day notice to the coalition council to leave, and no member can quit six months before an election and less than three months after an election.

The Third Schedule of the Political Parties Act law provides that a coalition agreement outlines the process and mechanism upon which the coalition agreement may be amended, including dispute resolution mechanisms, procedures, and enforcement and sanctions for breach of any provisions of the agreement.

Lonyangapuo’s announcement has sent shockwaves throughout the country, and it remains to be seen what impact this will have on the opposition’s strategy moving forward.

However, his message that Kenyans are already dealing with enough issues, and protests are not the solution, is one that resonates with many who are tired of political unrest and instability.

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