Magoha tries to stop Ruto from canceling CBC.


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In his last bulletin as secretary of education, George Omore Magoha defended the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) with 59 pages of text, insisting that it meets the needs of the modern world.

According to Magoha’s report, the CBC Implementation Bulletin Volume 1, the ministry’s efforts to reform the educational system would be weakened if the 8-4-4 were reinstated.

Magoha emphasized that the printed newsletter served as a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge, allowing individuals to understand what was being done and appreciate it while also having a voice on matters relating to the implementation of CBC.

He advocated strongly for education’s status as a community duty, stressing the need of everyone involved having a firm grasp of the process and knowing their role.

Magoha stressed the importance of CBC, saying that it provides today’s students with the tools they need to study and adapt throughout their lives.

He appealed for more funding for the CBC, saying that if the nation does so, it would also succeed in its long-term objectives for economic growth, which are in line with President William Ruto’s goals.

Fatuma Chege, the principal secretary for education, echoed Magoha’s statement, saying that the government has continued to use a multi-sectoral approach in drafting the essential policy papers and guidelines to help in the seamless transition in CBC.

In her letter to parents, Chege emphasized the importance of equipping students with the values, information, and attitudes necessary to successfully navigate social, cultural, economic, and technological challenges on a local, national, and international scale.

She added that parents are tasked with guiding their children, but not doing their work for them.

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