Magoha’s CBC changes would raise school fees.


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If recent modifications proposed by the Ministry of Education are approved, parents may have to spend more money in CBC system.

Magoha explained that this was after most private schools followed the ministry’s mandate to adopt the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). Therefore, parents will be required to pay the fees set by the private institutions.

“The issue of the government offering to move along with the private schools was a way of encouraging them to expand inclusivity in the transitioning period of the competency-based curriculum,” he stated.

beside number of classes constructed, Private schools have built many classrooms and learning labs.

“We had encouraged the primary schools, especially in the urban areas to upgrade into junior high schools and a large number has done so and we are looking to get between 3000 and 4000 classrooms from there,” Magoha stated.

He ordered the government to complete the remaining classrooms in the various schools where work was stalled.

“20,000 classrooms are available, it is the duty of the incoming government to ensure the remaining 20,000 classrooms are constructed,” He stated.

Since this is a first of its type change in Kenya, the CS warned that the portal might be inaccessible in future.

“Private schools would only come to the portal when they have conformed, since they are businesses, you can’t force them,” he remarked.

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