Man City 2-1 Dortmund: Haaland defies logic


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Manchester City’s winning goal scored by Erling Haaland evoked memories of Johan Cruyff’s “impossible goal” for Barcelona against Atletico Madrid in 1973. Cruyff ascended to volley the ball in at the far post.

More contemporary audience may be reminded of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Haaland not only towers over his peers, but he also has the acrobatic ability of a martial arts master, allowing him to strike from angles that others cannot.

One certain thing is, this young talent continues to produce moments that just a few of players in the game’s history have been able to match. It used to be that Dortmund reaped the benefits of this exceptional ability. They were the ones who fell prey to it this last night.

Haaland has scored 13 times in Manchester City’s previous eight games. A return of this magnitude is unheard of, and yet, his brilliance is such that you have to question if he can keep up this pace indefinitely. Maybe not quite this way, but the City isn’t even coming close to locating him right now.

Having won two games, manchester City are now on top of the group G table followed by Dortmund.

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