Moses Kuria is Quitting Social Media


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Speaking on Tuesday, September 13, Kuria said that his social media activity was a part of a plan to make sure that President-elect William Ruto succeeded Uhuru Kenyatta, a task he successfully completed, and now Ruto is the 5th President of Kenya.

He said that he would close his Facebook and Twitter accounts, which had garnered a combined followers of more than 1.1 million people.

“My objective has been achieved. My good friend William Ruto is the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya. This account will be permanently deleted on Wednesday, September 14, at 6 pm. It was great interaction guys. Adios,” he stated.

He was one of the first leaders to criticize the departing president for supposedly ignoring his region in terms of infrastructure investment. His relentless campaign against the dictatorship made him a major player in the area.

Kuria led his CCK party in joining Kenya Kwanza and began campaigning for President Ruto after keeping the public guessing about whose camp he would support during the presidential election.

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