Moses Kuria warned farmers with imports unless they release stored maize within 72 hours.


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CS Moses Kuria has warned that the government may have to import maize if farmers do not release their stored maize.

They have until Tuesday at noon to retrieve the stored maize, he added.

The cabinet may be compelled to approve maize imports if they haven’t complied with the order by the time it comes around.

During Saturday’s burial for journalist Evelyn Ogutu in Kitale, Kuria said that the cabinet will be meeting on Tuesday to make a decision.

He suggested that Rift Valley farmers cease stockpiling maize.

To protect farmers from having to sell maize for Sh4,000 a bag, he said the government is striving to lower the price of manure.

He defended genetically modified organisms (GMOs), saying that the government of Kenya Kwanza had overturned the ban in order to aid hungry citizens.

Kuria said that the action would not hurt farmer income but would instead ensure that no Kenyans would die from hunger.

“I would prefer that we avoid discussing this GMO subject. I’ll stop talking about GMO if the cost of maize flour falls to Sh120, I assure you,” he said.

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